a discovery of witches

I am currently re-reading ADOW for the umpteenth time so a review is forthcoming but first I wanted to comment on yesterdays revelations about the upcoming TV adaptation. The names of the main leads – Diana and Matthew – were revealed yesterday and Harkness has once again confirmed that she is involved in the adaptation of the books which gives fans of the series some relief. A book as special as this could be a wonderful tv show or a devastating disappointment. I feel that the author staying involved can help maintain the spirit of the book. Plus, Harknesses credentials as a history professor at the University of California Davis, means that we will hopefully be spared some of the historical inaccuracies that are often painfully visible in historical re-enactments. Indeed it is partially this detail in the book Shadow of Night (the second in the series) which makes it so captivating! I’m looking forward to more revelations about those who will play the other actors coming soon, but in the meantime best of luck to Teresa Palmer and Matthew Goode and all the crew at Bad Wolf Studios who begin shooting next month!





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