Last night I went to sleep after watching one of the many forest fires currently burning in this area of Italy. This morning I was informed that a scorpion was found in the house and this evening I will pass under the door of a church in L’Aquila which will magically forgive all my sins. Some days living here is really surreal!

AQ Fire_ Aug2017.jpg

I don’t have a photo from last night but this is one taken on the outskirts of L’Aquila a few days ago. It is a strangely beautiful thing but terrifying as well. This morning the fires seem under control but they continue to break out in different places around Italy. The summer has been hot and dry, more so than usual but in addition the resources for fighting these fires seem overly stretched and underfunded for such an important public service. Rumours of deliberately started fires and corruption abound but it is difficult to uncover what the true issue is. I suspect that there is a grain of truth in each story.

I am ignoring the existence of the scorpion because I just cannot deal with it. Normally I am a girl who can handle insects, spiders, and all manner of creepy crawlies without a problem. I might shudder a bit but I can deal. Scorpions are a no no, my only previous experience with them is watching horrible scenes in Egyptian mummy horror films where the scorpions are contained in a trap ready to devour the adventurers… yes much better that I ignore the existence of the Scorpion.

Finally the door of forgiveness. This is part of a religious ceremony that takes place in L’Aquila, in the centre of Italy. It is called the Perdonanza and is held annually since 1294. This year is the 723rd time it will be held and during the ceremony anyone who wishes to participate may be absolved of their sins. I will post more on how the ceremony itself works and some photos from the event in a few days.

In the meantime cross your fingers for me that no more dangerous animals or natural disasters cross my path!




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