Autumn is that wonderful time of year where normally school/ university restarts and everyone is refreshed from the summer… in a perfect world. In a less perfect world aka my world) you spend the summer working and deliver a big project at the end of September. As a result I have taken the entire month of October as a time to chill, I have relaxed, read books, walked, caught up with friends, tackled the mountain of washing and house chores… mostly though I have been enjoying the Autumn which is one of my favourite times of year and investigating the mysterious and wonderful world of hygee.

I am definitely a latecomer to this snugglefest but as I learnt more about it I found that many of these hygee practices are already a normal part of my autumn and winter routine. Hygee comes from Danish culture although it also has a Norwegian connection. It describes a course for well-being and taking care of yourself in the winter months by creating a sense of cosiness and comfort in your life. When I first saw the word it reminded me of the word hug and indeed this is an element and part of the etymology of hygee.

For me a starting place for Hygee is a cup of tea, a book, a blanket and a place to snuggle up. But then again that is just my normal happy place. For a proper list of ways to Hygee this November check out the 30 days of Hygee challenge. There are loads of these around! I’ll be posting my own list of 30 things tomorrow. To get you started here is the A-Z of Hygee from Pinterest (originally from


Just a final note on Hygee comes from Wikipedia which highlights that there are several closely related words to hygee;

The Dutch word gezelligheid has a similar concept to hygge with both pertaining to comfort and cosiness, but is often more socially oriented. In German Gemütlichkeit means the state of warmth, friendliness and belonging. The Norwegian adjective koselig is used to describe a feeling of warmth, intimacy and getting together in an agreeable environment. The Swedish adjective mysig (and its associated noun mys) describes a pleasant and warm atmosphere of togetherness in a pleasant setting.





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