Rather than just doing one of these a day I am going to try to do as many of these as possible over the month of November and beyond… maybe it is cheating but I like most of these things too much to only do them once! Hence why I a calling this 30 Ways to Hygee instead of the normal 30Days hashtag which has been floating around.

  1. Get a cosy blanket and curl up with a book (Phone on silent makes this even better).
  2. Make endless cups of tea.
  3. Bake a chocolate cake (use extra chocolate).
  4. Enjoy an outdoor fire (bonus points if you roast something – chestnuts, smores etc).
  5. Make roasted chestnuts – on a fire or in the oven (you can tell I really like chestnuts right?!)
  6. Do a clear out – nothing distracts me more from relaxing than mess and clutter. Practice minimalism or just get rid of stuff.
  7. Watch the sunrise (c’mon it is rising so much later in this period that it is very easy and totally worth it).
  8. Go for a walk and kick some leaves.
  9. Light a scented candle for no reason except you want to smell it while you are doing other things.
  10. Drink some mulled wine!
  11. Curl up and rewatch a favourite tv series or movie.
  12. Have a candlelit dinner with friends or family.
  13. Pile all the blankets on your bed, light a scented candle and snuggle in with a new book that you are likely to try to devour in one sitting (like John Greens Turtles all the Way Down).
  14. Make a lovely hot chocolate at home with all the trimmings.
  15. Bake something new – like bread, cake or scones.
  16. Make a big pot of chilli con carne (or the vegetarian version).
  17. Practice Yoga or meditation.
  18. Wear your favourite woolly hat, scarf or gloves (separately or all at once).
  19. Make time for an old craft or do some colouring in.
  20. Reread an old favourite book.
  21. Buy and wear new pyjamas.
  22. Wear your favourite winter boots (old or new).
  23.  Buy new fluffy socks – extra points for a silly theme or design.
  24. Try a new craft – knitting, sewing, painting, pottery…
  25. Cook a dinner for a group of friends.
  26. Turn off your laptop, tv and silence your phone for an evening.
  27. Journal and reflect on the season, what are your goals and aspirations.
  28. Go through old photos – in physical (album) or digital format.
  29. Make another cup of tea/ coffee/ hot chocolate.
  30. Create your own list of 30 ways to hygee!

Let me know in the comments if you have any other suggestions on how to hygee! I am now going to make another cup of tea and get comfy 🙂




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