Dear Reader,

This novel is one of the best and most enthralling reads I have devoured in a long time. This is a book I finished and then wanted to go back and reread again and again. Unfortunately it is also a book that is impossible to review without spoilers (believe me I tried) so instead, I am going to leave you with the synopsis below and allow you to read by yourself. I also need to admit that I did not find this book by myself, instead, I went to an independent bookshop in the heart of Rome (review and location to follow in a later post) where I wandered around looking and feeling a bit lost. I had no idea what I wanted to read and as I would have to carry it around and between cities, I needed something light and engrossing for travel. As I searched I fell into a conversation with both another customer and the lady running the shop, by the end I had a pile of books to go through and this is one of the ones I picked. It was a wonderful recommendation and reminded me, once again, what a wonderful resource bookshops and especially independent bookshops run by people who also love to read are. This is where you find the gems, the beauties and the books little-known that still capture you and transport you elsewhere.


Morgan Fletcher, the disfigured heir to a fortune of mysterious origins, lives on a sprawling estate, cut off from a threatening world. One day, his housekeeper, Engel, discovers a baby left on the doorstep. Soon more children arrive, among them stern, watchful David. With the help of Engel and town physician Doctor Crane, Morgan takes the children in, allowing them to explore the mansion… and to begin to uncover the strange and disturbing secrets it holds.

Clocked in eerie atmosphere, this distorted fairy tale and the unsettling questions it raises will stay with the reader long after the final page.


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