Gremlins are tiny little things packed with evil and evoking terror. Most people attribute this association to having watched the movie when they were younger… I was too terrified by the story of the movie to even watch it. I am not sure why now, it seems quite prejudiced when you think about the fact that I am going to use the word as my new favourite insult. But it is perfect as the only other use of the word gremlin is when they are classed as the mischievous sprite responsible for an unexplained mechanical or electronic problem… so really not so great an association either.

Yet somehow Gremlin has never become an insulting term for someone who mysteriously causes a problem.  I am going to change this, from now on whenever I really really don’t like someone I will refer to them as a gremlin. Regardless of someones outside appearance, they can be pure gremlin internally. Yes I think this works but let us test it out:

Rude or mean person = Gremlin

Someone who spreads untrue or cruel gossip = Gremlin

Two-faced Liars = Gremlin

Lying Politician = Gremlin

Guy who harasses or intimidates a woman = Gremlin

Yes I think this works, unfortunately, I can imagine several more of these Gremlin characters. Who would you class as a Gremlin?

via Daily Prompt: Gremlins



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