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As I considered this challenge to write about cosiness and looked around my room, at the unlit candles and lamps that can offer a soft glow, my blankets that I will snuggle into and the many books to be read during these days of freedom from work and obligations. Yet the images that keep intruding are of the people I have seen sleeping rough in the rain and cold over Christmas with blankets and sleeping bags in doorways. Growing up in my city homelessness was not unheard of but it was rare enough to cause comment.  It has now become a much more familiar sight in many Irish towns and cities. As the financial recovery has progressed it has not “trickled down” to the most vulnerable and those most violently affected by the cuts and strains placed on our social welfare system since 2008. This is not to say there were no problems before, rather I am simply saying that people are still hurting and we still have a long way to go. I don’t have a solution but below I have listed several articles and sources of information from those who do have solutions or for those who want more information.

Focus Ireland is one of the best ways to keep up to date or to get involved;

Government Data;

Irish News articles:



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