There are so many options when looking to plan your reading for the year ahead or even just the next book you want to read. Is your reading focused or erratically chosen? Do you only focus on one subject or genre or are you a magpie like me, bouncing between genre’s and subjects and geographical locations both real and imagined? This post is basically a list of some of the favourite/ best/ most eclectic book lists I have come accross when looking for books to add to my to-be-read pile for the coming year.

One of the best lists that I will be returning to once I have gotten through my own leftovers from my 2017 list is from the Paris Review:

Or this one for reading in advance of visiting new countries:

Or beautiful translations:

If you want a manageable but challenging list try the Stanford list of three books:

Or a longer academic list like these:

Or just choose to read the book that was most popular the year you were born:

TedTalks is, as usual,usual a source of inspiration:
What should you read this summer? A mega reading list

These are also good places to follow if you are looking for new directions for your reading

Or you can be a rebel and choose to read some banned books:

There are also so many challenges that are open and created by various people:

If you want to read more crime you can try the ‘Read Harder’ Challenge from bookriot:

Bookriot has a couple of lists up on its site:

As does Bookbub:

Goodreads similarly has LOADS of lists but this one from one of its best reviewers is one of the best (I’ve added nearly all of these to my to-read shelf):

There are topic specific booklists like:
1. On Cities
2. On Math
Math 101: A reading list for lifelong learners
3. On Human Rights

Or booklists that take one particular book as a starting place:

There is a booklist from prize winners:

There is the celebrity booklist, in fairness this one from Reese Witherspoon is pretty fierce:

There is the age related booklist (just in case you want to feel really behind):

Or you can ignore the already published books and head straight for books that will be published in 2018:

Finally, there is this excellent list from a fellow blogger which will push you out of your comfort zone in all the right ways!

2018 Reading Challenge

This all seems pretty overwhelming, how can you ever read all of these wonderful books and have a life where you have a full-time job, other hobbies and see your friends and family… That was an actual question, please your advice or answers in the comments below šŸ˜‰

Happy reading!


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