I am so hesitant about this years reading challenge that I am not even sure that posting it is a good idea but here we go.

Last year I spent, once again, an insane amount of money on books. I managed to complete my reading goal of 200 books but I felt that especially towards the end of the year I rushed a bit to finish and didn’t fully enjoy all the books I read. Also year on year my pile (both electronic and physical) of books I need to read is growing out of all proportion. It is more than a little intimidating at this point. Also, I feel that I am being a bit of a lazy reader and reaching for what is easy and within my comfort zone rather than seeking out new and interesting reads. Or even just reading outside the confines of my white western European (mainly English language) experience. So I want to think a bit more carefully about the books I am buying and reading instead of what looks more eye-catching in terms of stories (or cover design in some cases I am ashamed to say).

So this year I am setting a couple of new radical new reading aims;

In 2018 I will finish my piles of books waiting to be read (not exaggerating at all to say that this is over 50 at this point, I actually stopped counting at 53 this morning because it was getting embarrassing).

I will reread some old favourite books and…

I will buy no more than ONE new book each month.

Yup, you read that correctly – no more than one book will be bought each month. As a girl who rarely walks out of a bookshop without a full bag of books this will be hellish difficult. I doubt that my reading will slow down by much as I have a massive to be read pile and also I plan to reread a lot of favourites but still I think it will be really really hard. Although I am looking forward to not emptying my bank account to feed my book buying habit as much…

The other thing that I have stopped doing and that I actually miss is borrowing books, from libraries, colleagues, family and friends. I have found some absolute gems of books in this way and hope to do so more.

So yes, a new direction for my reading this year. I have no intention of cutting down on the amount of reading I do though, the number of books might decrease but their difficulty, subjects and range will hopefully increase. Time to get out of my (very comfortable) reading comfort zone.

Let’s see how this goes…





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