A candid selfie – could such a thing exist?

I believe many fake versions of this do exist, yet the old candid picture captured on film and forgotten about until developed is something I am certainly nostalgic about and yet I think if someone tried in this moment to take a candid photo of them I could cringe away in horror. Part of this is the terror of social media where a terrible photo can live forever. The likelihood is that no one but I will ever care about a terrible photo posted of myself but me, but I matter and will avoid it whenever possible. I think this is why I have retreated to normally be the one behind the camera… while sometimes also sad that there are no nice photos of me, I also can’t remember the last time I saw a photo of myself that I actually liked so I’ll probably try to stay behind the camera for another bit…

But while I was thinking about this I wanted to look at what some other people see through the lens and if there are any creative projects around this. We often see the results of someone’s picture taking yet rarely their process or the image they see before clicking to take the picture.

My favourite image from this search is below and comes from Crush cul de Sac


Also this project, featured on WordPress Discover tab recently is a beautiful example of someone turning the camera around, something all of us should probably consider doing from time to time and documenting the moments in our own lives and not just that of the world around us.

Happy Monday! No candids please!

via Daily Prompt: Candid


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