Until recently Ireland didn’t have a postcode system, many houses outside of urban areas also don’t have house numbers. This has massively confused many people when I have given my address (in the good old days of letter writing and postcard sending). But the postcode system has come in and I continue to resist using it. Not out of any big idealistic or nostalgic notions, but from laziness and a lack of desire to change something which currently works.

Anyway, in light of this, I want to highlight some amazing letters that found their way to the intended recipient… despite challenges such as lack of address or even a map in its place.

The first is:

envelope 1

Credit – This was actually delivered!

Secondly an envelope which reads:

“Petra Kindler + Donal Moore

“Unfortunately I forgot the street name but it’s near a street named Cul de Sac,

“The beautiful city of Waterford,

“Well known for it’s kindly postmen,


Unfortunately, although I know that Irish postwomen and postmen are good, they are beaten by their Icelandic counterparts who somehow managed to deliver this card which has a map in place of its address!

iceland add


I feel like now I have to test my local postman and check if he can deliver a similar letter to my mother…

Slán 🙂



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