BlogaDay #1

There are many trends and intentions in the month of January, many involve new resolutions, such as those I have written about here previously, but it is a classic stereotype that these tend to fall by the wayside as the year goes on. I used to believe that only those with the tenacity (which is a nice way of saying stubborn) and strength manage to complete their goals. However my view on this has changed and I am now trying to achieve my goals with many many MANY small steps. This tends, thus far, to work much better for me (and my mental health.

Why is it better for my mental health?

The answer is because while I am still taking on big goals I am also trying to break them down into smaller more managable steps.

One example is:

Italian – I want to take a language exam in Italian by the end of this year but I have been really struggling with the language learning and “leveling up”. One of my biggest weaknesses is Grammer because I HATE IT WITH A FIERY PASSION… but it is somewhat important for learning a language and not sounding like an imbecile. So for the past month I have been trying to complete 6 pages of my Grammer book each day. That doesn’t sound like a lot but I started out trying to do 10 pages a day and that didn’t work so I refined the goal to 6 pages and now if I do more than that I feel a real achievement.

Also this post is also the start of a challenge I am settling myself for this blog. To blog every day for the next two weeks. This goes back to an earlier challenge I set myself to blog more often in 2018 and get over the fear of hitting publish.

How are you doing with your resolutions and goals?

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