BlogADay #2

Simplify your bookshelves!

This January & February I have been on a de-cluttering spree. It has really brought home to me how much all of the excess stuff has hidden things that I really love from sight. Additionally I was really surprised about the amount of guilt I let go of while de-cluttering, for example, I let go of many gifts that I do not use (and in some cases never used but kept because of the thought behind them or love for the person who gave them). But here I want to speak about simplifying my bookshelves.

Firstly to provide some context; I have moved 4 times in the last 4 years and yet I have amassed an incredible number of books both in my current home and in storage at my parents home. I will likely be moving in the next few months as well. Each time I moved the largest and heaviest boxes were of books and notes from my studies. It is time to let go of some of these. I have set myself the challenge to cut the number of books I own in half. If you want to join me in this then I outline some steps below:

  1. Look at your to be read pile. Are you actually going to read all of these or are they for your fantasy reading self? Your fantasy reading self is the one who buys classics even though you prefer fantasy or diet books when really you just want to read about travel and adventure. The fantasy self buys books to look good on their shelves… don’t be this person and let these books find a home where they will be read and loved.
  2. Textbooks, schoolbooks, language books etc that you used for study but no longer need.
  3. Books that were ok the first time around but you probably won’t ever reread.
  4. Doubles of the same book – pick one.
  5. Books that you received as presents but you kept to avoid insulting the person who gave them to you.

Those are simple steps to get started and I suggest that when you have amassed this pile of books you set up a seller account on Amazon and Abe and make some money to support your book buying this year because let’s face it more books will probably come into your home in the future. This is a process, largely without an endpoint.

Overall please don’t get rid of books you love, just the ones that no longer spark joy when you open them or will never be reread. Believe me as you go through this process you will find some treasures that you probably completely forgot you had. This does tend to distract and for this I have no answer, I only wish you happy reading!




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