BlogADay #3

I spent far longer than I possibly should have today looking up mnemonics and examples of mnemonics. It was so much fun and I found some wonderful ones today. To be honest this has been one of my favourite challenges as I haven’t used these since school. So what follows here is a short list of my 5 favourites found today. (Disclaimer: I invented absolutely none of these and the link to where you can find the original is linked to each).


To remember the value of pi: May I have a large container of coffee?
(The number of letters in each word equals the numerals in pi = 3.1415927)

I love this one because I could never ever remember this at school… if only I could send this back in time to my younger self!


To learn the spelling of the word GeographyGeorge Edwards’s Old Grandma Rode A Pig Home Yesterday.


This one is slightly out of date but I like how it gets straight to the point

The order of planets in average distance from the Sun:
(Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto)
My Very Easy Method: Just Set Up Nine Planets.


There are plenty in this article from Buzzfeed but my favourite is;

The difference between stalagmites and stalactites (aka mineral formations in caves):

“I always remember it as stalaGmites are on the Ground, and stalaCtites are on the Ceiling!” —elizabethjanes

Another variation: “My professor told the class a joke to remember the difference. Stalagmite because you ‘MITE’ trip over them and stalactite because you should hold on ‘TITE.’” —panther718


Car journey pre-check
Make sure you’re prepared before you set out. Remember this simple mnemonic.

P – E – T – R – O – L

Petrol, Electrolyte, Tyres, Radiator, Oil, Lights

(Electrolyte refers to distilled water in the battery.)

via Daily Prompt: Mnemonic

Ok that is my nerdy list, please let me know in the comments any good mnemonics you might know 🙂



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