BlogADay #4

I’ve come across a number of Youtubers recently who are doing daily & weekly vlogs about their lives in Paris. It is a really odd thing, watching people narrate their lives on youtube. The amount of time and effort it must take is impressive, as is the courage to post such videos to a public audience. There is something very voyeuristic about watching these and at the same time, it is very clear that the image these people want to project is quite a curated one. This is not a criticism, no one posts anything without the desire to be viewed a certain way. It is an interesting subcommunity on Youtube as many of the vloggers seem to collaborate and interact. If you feel like an insight into the world of vlogs as well as a very particular & interesting view of living in Paris check out these channels:

Andrea Heckler – a video I watched she says she has been doing this for nearly 5 years and it shows. An American girl living in Paris who works full time and is a writer in addition to her Youtube channel, I wish I had her energy!

NonStopParis – an English girl in Paris. One of the better vloggers and seems to do a lot of collaborations with other vloggers which offers a lot of different perspectives. She shares a nice view of the life of an expat in Paris.

NotEvenFrench – Vlog from a New Zealand girl living in Paris, actually gives quite a lot of practical information if you are tempted to move to Paris!

Patricia B – in fairness one of the few living in Paris who speaks French and vlogs about family life there with her family. She has a second channel as well.

Jay Swanson – posts a daily vlog and has for over 500 days. Incredible commitment and a huge backlog of videos if you start watching now.

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