BlogADay #5

This is a depressing thing, at the last public lecture I attended I looked around at one point and every single person was on their phones. The lecture had a hashtag and there were plenty of generic tweets relating to it but what exactly is the point of this. Is it not better manners to listen attentively to the person who has probably put a lot of work into preparing for this lecture? Yet it seems that firstly it is difficult to hold our attention on the person speaking and secondly if it isn’t online then it didn’t happen. I am not going to say I have never looked at my phone during a lecture or tried to do two things simultaneously but the truth is whenever I have tried to attend a lecture and at the same time answer emails I do both badly. The emails are rushed because I am trying to listen at the same time and I miss much of the lecture because I am trying to do two things simultaneously. Giving into distraction, the cult of busyness and justifying the need for multitasking with these means that it is more and more difficult to just be present. I know it is not always possible but when you can;

Turn off the phone*

Tune in to what you are doing



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*or at least silence it!

via Daily Prompt: Lecture


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