BlogADay # 8

I have begun a serious decluttering of my digital photos of the last 16 years. This is long overdue and actually a lot of fun but I am discovering several things I didn’t know about myself, for example, I take way too many photos of seagulls. Seriously I have so many photos of seagulls from nearly every holiday I have taken in the last 5 years – both at the beach and in port cities that I visited. London, Paris, Dublin, Rome… I had photos of seagulls from them all. Somehow I wasn’t too nostalgic getting rid of a lot of those but I am finding some gems. Such as this picture from a garden I visited with my Mum in Ireland (I think). It is funny in that I remember this being such a good day with her and some of the things we did such as the garden and finding a lovely cafe where we had tea and chocolate cake. I remember her asking me to take this photo but I am not sure where we were in the UK or in Ireland. I am leaning towards Ireland but who knows. Anyway, I thought it was an interesting (and as you can see completely unedited off-kilter) photo so I wanted to share it.

I also think it is an interesting thing that many of the modern things we use to address our modern ailments are based on many of these. For example, I drink Valerian tea when I have trouble sleeping and it often knocks me out. Aloe is always my go-to product if I stay out in the sun too long or when I run out of moisturiser. A good mint tea is one of the things I cannot find where I am living at the moment and I really miss it. I’m planning to stock up when I am home next!

Does anyone else use some of these or have any tips for others?



One thought on “Flaskback Friday – to the Apothecary’s Garden

  1. I just love how going through old photos can bring back memories of an event! I am always well stocked with chamomile. The sign listed something I didn’t know it was good for; skin!


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