BlogADay #14

End of my Two Week Blog a Day Challenge! Phew!

Wow! This has been such a good (and sometimes challenging) two weeks. I have so much respect for people who post daily and have done so for years now. Seriously I found one blog this week where the guy has posted every day for over 1,400 days. That takes serious discipline and time. Overall this has been a really good experience and it has helped me (largely) get over the fear of hitting the publish button as I had to prioritise consistency over perfection in this period. To sum up here are 7 things I have learned over the course of this challenge.

  1. Daily writing is great fun, I felt more inspired and excited and really enjoyed the daily challenge. Some days I had a post written early and other days I interacted with the daily prompt.
  2. You have to be organised. I learned to anticipate those days when I wouldn’t be able to write and upload which made the experience less stressful as I wrote extra posts ahead of time.
  3. Daily writing is hard. It is hard to be consistent and write something decent every day. Additionally, editing takes longer than I expected even on short posts.
  4. Better Editing – while writing does improve the more you do it I also found that the more you edit the faster you spot your (many) mistakes. So the very important skill of editing improves as well.
  5. Asking for advice on the blog is a really good idea. One of my posts was about something I have been questioning and some of the very kind comments and advice I received really helped me. I really liked the interactions in these weeks on the blog and receiving comments on my blog made me braver about leaving a comment on others posts & blogs that I liked. Which leads me to number 6;
  6. The more you post the more you interact with other bloggers. I started to leave more comments as I received more comments and the more interaction I had the more I enjoyed it. This is a pretty big change to the beginning of the blog when I was a little bit terrified of the comments and thought about figuring out how to deactivate it.
  7. Surprisingly the more you write and publish the more you read. Thus far my routine has been that each time I hit publish that is when I go to my reader and catch up on the people I follow but it is also when I start to look around for new blogs to follow. Also, I try to read through as many of the responses to the daily prompt as I can. Some of them are so creative and inspiring. If anyone has suggestions for how to discover new blogs please let me know as I am still finding my way around this platform.

I want to continue with blogging but perhaps not in the BlogADay format long term. I would like to set a proper upload schedule/ timeline both for my own sanity and in order to make the blog easier to read, navigate (and hopefully enjoy) as well. I also want to continue doing the daily prompts as they are a lot of fun and great inspiration. I had some key themes in mind when I started this blog that I want to try to address as well so I need to find a balance between daily prompts and scheduling longer posts.

Overall I’m really happy with these two weeks of BlogADay and would encourage anyone to try it.

The main lesson is to just keep writing & blogging! The more you do it the more fun it becomes!


P.S. I am delighted to see Daily Prompt: Assay today! It is appropriate as the archaic definition of attempt ties in nicely with my attempt at daily blogging.


10 thoughts on “7 lessons from Two Weeks of my BlogADay Challenge

  1. I haven’t been trying to write a post a day so much as at least attempt to write a poem in response to each daily post in order to get myself writing more poetry, but you’re right about it helping boost creativity. The more I write the more I want to write.

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    1. I think a poem a day would be even harder! But yes I think the consistency is key and the more it becomes part of your routine the better. I love the last line in your comment – “The more I write the more I want to write” is so true! You summed it up perfectly 🙂


  2. I’ve been blogging for 1 1/2 years. It was brand new to me, I’d heard people speak of it, but never knew what was entailed or where to get started. I’ve never looked back. Mostly I write poetry but every now and again, I work the word into the current short story I am writing. I find it exciting to see other writer’s take on each word. Fascinating in some circumstances and humourous in others. I hope you find blogging as fulfilling as I have done. I enjoyed visiting, and will again. 🙂

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