I can’t navigate by the stars. I even have trouble picking out the north star.
I realise it is the brightest but I still have more difficulty than I would like.
I still like looking at the stars though. To take a cup of tea and take a few minutes and look up. A way to relax and although I don’t identify it as such at the time a form of meditation at night. A moment of stillness.
I lost that when I moved to the city, it was something lost in the bright lights that blocked out the stars.

Drabble-ish descriptive attempt via Daily Prompt: Astral


2 thoughts on “Astral Navigation

  1. It’s so true! I lived on the North end of Van. Isle for 30 years. It’s usually cloudy so missed the stars except on rare occasions. Moving mid island has opened up the stars again. However, I miss them as I can’t see but a few of the planets and brightest of stars. They are so beautiful!!!!!


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