Italiano #1

So I am setting myself a very necessary challenge for the month of March. This blog is going to be full of all things Italian! The challenge is necessary as I am going to decide by the end of the month whether to take the Italian language test or not. I’m hoping that by blogging about all things Italian and Italian words for the month will help me stay motivated and on track! Time to Restart studying!

I will try to keep this as interesting as possible (both for my own mental health and for anyone interested in reading this) but I apologise in advance for the likelihood of at least one rant about the hellish nature of Italian grammar!

Now to explain why the challenge for March wasn’t posted yesterday I must draw your attention to recent events in Europe, namely, the late arrival of true winter and SNOW!!!!



It has turned everywhere into a Winter Wonderland and there is something just so magical about seeing places like the Colosseum in Rome covered in snow. Yet this has also brought both life & travel chaos. Some cities, especially those used to the cold and snow are able to manage but others such as Rome, Pisa, Siena and Dublin, are less able to cope. Schools are closed, workplaces deserted as people correctly work from home. There has been a national bread shortage in Ireland (joking) and my social media is flooded with lovely happy pictures of people building snowmen and having snowball fights.

Yet on a sadder note a result, my flight home was cancelled. All the plans made and excitement to see my family and friends was swallowed by a deep well of panic as I tried, along with thousands of other people to rebook my flight. This is the reality of living abroad unfortunately in that despite all the modern developments sometimes you really just are still at the mercy of the weather and forces outside of your control.

I am rebooked and reorganising my visit but to end on a lighter note and in the spirit of this months challenge here are some words & phrases I learnt in relation to the snow in these days;

Neve – snow

scena invernale – snow scene

freddo fuori – cold outside

pupazzo di neve – snowman

vestiti caldi – warm clothes

giorno di neve – snow day

fiocco di neve – snowflake

pala di neve – snow shovel (essential for digging our way out of our house in these days)

gelido – freezing

bufera di neve – snow storm or blizzard

battalgia a palle di neve – snowball fight

Fa un freddo cane – It is very cold (This literally means that it is dog cold. I don’t understand the relationship between dogs and the cold though)

Sta nevicando oggi – It is snowing today (if you want to be basic and state the obvious)

Imbianca le cime delle montagne – This is a really nice phrase to use when the snow turns the mountain tops white. More literally it means that the top tip of the mountain has been whitened.

If you know any other phrases please let me know in the comments.

Happy snow days, xxx









via Daily Prompt: Restart


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