Italiano #3

Last night I fell asleep watching Gilmore girls in Italian. I’ve watched the new season over the last two days all in Italian and it is helpful. I would suggest it as a method of study, obviously in addition to more traditional study methods, for a couple of reasons;

  1. This show is one I know very well so I am able to follow the story without a problem and focus on the words and dialogue.
  2. Reading subtitles and listening at the same time help comprehension in both listening and reading. (Be careful that the subtitles and dialogue match correctly, these can sometimes differ significantly, particularly with films and tv series that were not originally released in Italian).
  3. I miss my dog and PaulAnka (the dog in the show) is very cute.
  4. It is a good way to study at the end of the day when you can’t manage another moment of cramming grammar into your head.
  5. You get to rewatch your favourite shows

I chose Gilmore Girls because the dialogue is fast and I know it well but feel free to chose another that you love and know very well.

Ciao, xxx



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