Italiano #5

Tomorrow is the one day of the year when Italian celebrates women officially. Hopefully Italy (and everywhere) cherishes women on other days of the year as well, (although it sometimes doesn’t feel like it). Anyway I thought for tomorrow it would be nice to explain one of the nicer traditions related to this celebration, the buying and giving of mimosas… not the drink but the flower! Although the fact is that these yellow flowers are barely seen or observed during the rest of the year yet tomorrow they will be all over Italy.

I remember being super confused the first time an Italian friend just handed me a bunch. He gave another bunch to his girlfriend and another friend who was with us at the time. As they explained the tradition I remember being so touched to receive them and really enjoying the idea (while disliking that it was necessary). They can be given by girlfriends to each other, family members, friends and boyfriends. I find it to be a really lovely tradition and receiving or giving these bright cheerful flowers is always a welcome sign that spring is on its way.



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