Italiano #7

Check out this calendar for inspiration all year long! It is basically a calendar of photos taken of actual priests during holy week that has become known unofficially as the hot Priest/ Padre calendar.

I actually bought this for my Mum a few years ago (obviously as the joke part of her Christmas present) and for some reason, she never hung it up! It stayed invisible & unseen in her cupboard. I still giggle when I see these in Rome though so yes I am still a teenager at heart.

I’m not sure where you can buy these online but they are all over Rome. A new one comes out every year (often with the same faces). It is an incredible part of Italian culture that the church and the Vatican are at the centre of Rome and yet this is still hugely popular. There is a lot of controversy¬†around the power of the church and its influence within Italy. This has come up in the media and in conversations with many people I have but one of the best things about Italians is their ability to address issues with humour. This calendar of hot priests is an example of the tongue in cheek humour that is a marvellous part of the Italian character.

via Daily Prompt: Invisible


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