Yesterday was Sunday and after a crazy busy few weeks I wanted a day of rest at home. I wanted to stay in my bubble, read a bit, write a bit, watch a movie and cook something delicious.

So I read (and finished) A Simple Favour by Darcey Bell, rewatched the film Julie & Julia (it fit the theme of blogging and French cooking of the day) and slow cooked one of my favourite meals – Beef Bourgiugnon – slowly to the point where the meat nearly melted on the tongue.

At the end of the day we ate together on the Terrace (bundled up in jumpers because it is still cold) and it was pretty perfect. One of those far too infrequent days of peace.

How do you like to spend your days off?

Now I am not a chef but I think either of these are pretty good recipes for Beef Bourguigon, a variation on the classic from Julia Child and a slightly more simple approach from the BBC Good Food site. The main tip I will give is to let the beef sit in the wine (with a bay leaf and fresh thyme) for a few hours before starting to cook (overnight is even better).

A presto!


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