Despite naming this blog My Library and other Mischief there have been remarkably few posts about the books I’ve been reading. This is largely because I fell into a book rut where I couldn’t seem to finish anything for ages and also didn’t want to read anything on my to-be-read shelf. But I’m getting back into the swing of things and I want to post about a book I read this weekend – A Simple Favour by Darcey Bell – because it was the first book in a while where I felt compelled to reach the end as quickly as possible. This is a no spoiler review so feel safe to read on if you intend to read the book.

I would describe this book as a page turner, one where you must reach the end as quickly as possible due to the many twists and turns. It is a story where you have to find out what happens and I really liked it to be honest. It was dark in places, the characters are well developed and completely unlikable because they were so real.

I found the content which one character Stephanie posts on her blog to what is happening in the story to be a really interesting comment on the difference in what is going on in our lives versus what we publish online (whether on a blog, or social media like facebook or twitter). Lets face it I don’t publish the secrets my friends tell me here or the problems in my life because firstly I don’t like complaining, it rarely helps (although I do vent occasionally), and it would be pretty boring for you to read. I write what I think might be interesting for other people, what I want to remember and look back on – this blog is my library of curiosities – rather than a daily diary where I flaunt or show off. However the vast difference between what happens and what Stephanie writes is disturbing, as though this might someday be used as “evidence”. She is constantly managing how she believes other people know her. I can’t say much more and stay spoiler free so to sum up;

I would recommend reading this book alone in your house on a dark stormy day if you want to be really creeped out.

A presto!


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