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So my new challenge is to read – in its entirety – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in Italian. The Italian name is Harry Potter E La Pietra Filosofale. That is 302 pages (or pagine) of Italian that I want to read by the 8th of August despite still not really speaking the language properly. So that is really like 3 pages a day… how hard can it be?


This is not my first attempt at reading this book, unfortunately it isn’t even my second attempt (and I’m not going to admit what number I am at) but what is different this time is that I will be blogging my reading of it. I will be posting about the vocabulary, grammar, the experience of reading in a second language, and of course about the story itself. I’ll post some interesting vocab etc but I need to be clear that this is not a how to learn a language series. It is just how I am learning and taking my language learning to the next level.

Ok firstly I want to give you some information about the editions of the two books I am using. The following is the publishing information;

In English:

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

J.K. Rowling

Bloomsbury, UK




In Italian:

Harry Potter e la Pietra Filosofale

J.K Rowling

Edizione a Cura (Edited Edition) di Stefano Bartezzaghi

Traduzione (Translation) di Marina Astrologo

Salini Editore

Prima edizione: Maggio 1998

Nuova edizione: Ottobre 2013

Prima ristampa: 2015

Now the first difference between the English and the Italian version is the note on Translation at the beginning. This is probably worth reading, but more than a bit difficult in parts. It seems to give a lot of information and an insight into how the translator thinks. But I just can’t follow it (not a good start) so I am going to come back and read it at the end. Thats not cheating is it?

But since today I do want to sort of make a start (or restart) here is the translation of the dedication;

Il libro fu firmato con un dedica dell’autore J. K. Rowling

“A Jessica, che ama i racconti,

ad Anne, li ama anche lei,

e a Di, che ha sentito questo per prima.”

The book was signed with a dedication by the author J. K. Rowling

“for Jessica, who loves stories,

for Anne, who loved them too,

and for Di, who heard this one first.”

I wanted to include this before starting the first chapter as I think in both Italian and English the dedication is lovely but it also has some useful phrases and vocabulary. Specifically I love the phrase – che ama i racconti – because a love of stories and reading is precisely what this blog is about.

Buona lettura!

Happy reading!




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