I am very good at starting project but even better at abandoning them halfway through or even worse slowly doing less and less until they remain unfinished and half forgotten. So this should be interesting for this project… sorry! I am fairly determined to read this bloody book this time though. I really need to prove that I can now.

Ok a coffee and I will tell you about how this reading went yesterday;

(maybe a sneaky cornetto as well just to get the creative juices going)….

One of the things I have always loved about Harry Potter is the way Rowling writes scene descriptions. She is excellent at setting the scene and bringing the whole magical world to life. For example;

nel cielo coperto non c’era nulla che facesse presagire le cosa strane e misteriose che di lí a poco sarebbero accaduto in tutto il Paese – in the overcast sky there was nothing to suggest the strange and mysterious things that would soon happen all over the country.

I can imagine scenery descriptions were challenging for the translation and there was a mix (like with the characters) where things were slightly changed or the original English names were kept. Grunnings, where Mr. Dursley works, keeps its name and still makes trapani (drills). However others were changed in a way I don’t understand such as Albus Silente as the translation for Albus Dumbledore.

Although even with the new name he would not be welcome at the Dursleys as everything about Privet Drive numero 4 (Privet Drive number 4) is perfettamente normali (perfectly normal) e grazie tanto (thank you very much).  Such a wonderful way to open the book 🙂

New favourite word from these pages – orgogliosi (proud), closely followed by paio di baffi (mustaches).

A presto!


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