Albus Silente non sembrava rendersi conto di essere appena arrivato in una strada dove tutto, dal suo nome ai sui stivali, risultava sgradito – Albus Dumbledore didn’t seem to realise that he had arrived in a street where everything about him, from his name to his boots, was unwelcome.

I really love this description, I think it captures the appearance of being out of place perfectly. Yet I often wish I had Dumbledores poise, being out of place didn’t disturb him in the slightest.

In other news…

I flew to Ireland on Ryanair yesterday morning. I have finally mastered the art of sleeping on that flight BUT the landing was as awful as ever! The plane came in to land so fast that it was scary.

Any way I am home in beautiful Ireland for a few day and Spring has clearly arrived!

A presto!


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